Our mission

1220 Exhibits creates unforgettable experiences and environments that inspire our clients, their audiences and our employees.

W5 = 1220

WE LISTEN to our clients and our employees.

WE SERVE with integrity, honor and accountability.

WE INSPIRE through exploration and innovation.

WE INVEST in our relationships.

WE UNDERSTAND what’s important!


Louisiana State University’s New Baseball Hall of Fame Opens

Four years after the new Alex Box Stadium at Louisiana State University opened, the Wally Pontiff Jr. Baseball Hall of…

Installation at the Country Music Hall of Fame: Bakersfield Sound

Click below to see footage of 1220′s Artifact Installer, Doug Zellman,  installing at one of our most recent projects,  The…

1220 Receives Patriotic Employer Award

1220 Receives Patriotic Employer Award From The Secretary Of Defense For Support And Employment Of Military Personnel
On another hot…