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Our Story

1220 Exhibits was founded in 1972 by Jerry Carden and John Cherry, two award-winning advertisers and creators of the international advertising phenomenon Ernest P. Worrell. Realizing that many of their advertising clients needed exhibit components, but underwhelmed by the lack of creativity in the industry, Carden and Cherry decided to open their own shop…and 1220 Exhibits was born.

So Where Did the Name Come From?

Carden and Cherry were seeking an exhibit fabrication firm to produce a three-dimensional marketing piece for one of their clients.  When their search was unsuccessful, they turned to their own talented staff for a solution and opened a small shop across the street from their offices at 1220 McGavock Street.  The project was an unqualified success and launched an ongoing collaboration with the talented team of designers and craftsmen thereafter referred to as “the bunch over at 1220.” Although no longer at this location, 1220 retains the name to remind clients that when working with us, there is strength in numbers.

1220 is everything you need to create
  • an awesome
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