Nashville Zoo

Nashville, TN

Nashville Zoo Elephant Savannah

1220 Exhibits fabricated and installed Interpretive Signage for four different overlooks onto the elephant habitat at Nashville Zoo.  The overlooks are known asTanzania,Botswana,Kenyaand the Watering Hole and provide visitors different views of their three elephants.

Each interpretive overlook includes signage that helps visitors learn about the elephants’ natural habitat, how they communicate and how to identify each of Nashville Zoo’s three elephants.  The client wanted these graphics to provide an educational framework for visitors.  They are designed to look like a person’s travel journal on safari inAfrica.  The graphics also address the changing landscape and the need for conservation. The animal habitat was developed to emulate an African Savannah and the interpretative signage reinforces this theme.

Over each signage station, 1220 fabricated routered cypress shields which were hand painted to resemble Masaai warrior shields.  The lettering for the 18’ entrance to the exhibit was built of cypress with sand blasted lettering infilled with paint.  To withstand the exterior location and outdoor elements, the interpretative signage was made of phenolic resin panels with decorative rope to lash signage to poles.