The 1220 Scenic Department consists of a talented group of in-house artists with more than 50 years of combined experience creating exhibits and environments. For artistic or three dimensional scenic elements, the team is fully engaged in all aspects of each project from start to finish and works closely with clients and designers throughout the design and fabrication process.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Pre-production concept drawings, sketches and/or illustrations are often used to communicate the overall intent and allow the project team to see the end result more clearly.

MODELS AND PROTOTYPES:  A small scale model offers an excellent visual representation of the exhibit area from all points of view. Partial full scale models are also created when needed.

SCULPTING AND MODEL MAKING: 1220’s Scenic Artists create models and props ranging from exact representations and portrait sculptures to stylized interpretations in a variety of artistic styles.

LIFE AND STATIC CASTING: From static objects to live models, 1220’s artists create custom casts by fabricating reusable molds.

SCENIC AND FAUX PAINTING: Our Scenic Team uses a seemingly endless array of polish, shadow, aging and distressed paint techniques. Faux painting is the final touch that brings the scene together.