Graphic Services

The 1220 Graphics Department offers a variety of in-house graphic production services to set the backdrop and help interpret the story of any exhibit, environment or event.

LIGHTJET PRINTING: 1220 produces photographic quality prints up to 50 inches wide by 120 inches long, directly from a digital file or scan onto a variety of substrates.

SILK SCREENING: The 1220 Graphics team creates custom screens from digital art files to transfer text or designs.

VINYL:  1220’s graphics department custom cuts vinyl lettering and designs for a first surface or second surface application to almost any solid substrate.

SPECIALTY GRAPHICS: 1220’s Graphics Manager has developed a list of pre-qualified sub-contractors for the production of fabric banners, porcelain enamel graphics, phenolic resin graphics and large scale Scotchprint murals.

DIGITAL FILES: Through state of the art programs and applications, the Graphics Department can assist from concept to completion or bring provided design intent to fruition.