1220 Exhibits has a renowned reputation for exquisite craftsmanship and strong attention to detail.  The backbone of 1220 consists of over 40 experienced and skilled technicians, craftsmen and artisans. With a combined 43 years of experience, the four 1220 team leaders are fully equipped to lead any project in successful fabrication and installation. The Nashville production facility houses woodworking, plastics, metal, paint, scenic, graphics, AV and electromechanical studios. With 100,000 square feet, 1220 has ample space for manufacturing, prototyping, viewing, storing and shipping displays.

WOOD: The 1220 team combines their extensive knowledge of carpentry with creative problem solving to produce distinctive displays that represent strong craftsmenship and attention to detail.

CNC: Two CNC routers allow designers and clients the freedom to design intricate details knowing those details will be produced accurately and efficiently. 

METAL: The 1220 metal department works with a variety of steel and aluminum, which is cut down using a variety of methods to create unique pieces.

PAINT: The 1220 paint department utilizes a paint system that allows for the matching of custom colors. The end product has the durability of an automotive finish.

PACKING AND SHIPPING: Prior to shipping, all project components are assembled in their entirety at the 1220 facility to ensure fit and finish and to minimize onsite installation time.

INSTALLATION: The Production Team Leader who leads the fabrication in-house also supervises the installation of the project onsite to ensure continuity of quality control.