Because of such a high demand for advanced technology implementation, 1220 Exhibits offers a turnkey solution to AV exhibit development. Building upon the design intent, the 1220 AV team designs the AV system hardware to meet the unique durability and ease of use of any project. From hardware specification to directly integrating it into exhibits, 1220’s AV Department possesses both the talent and resources to create any AV vision.

HARDWARE SPECIFICATION: The 1220 AV team assesses the needs of each client and recommends a system to best meet those needs.

INTEGRATION: By procuring all hardware and supervising the production of the programming, the 1220 AV team creates unified systems that are self-functioning and easy to use.

CAPABILITIES: Because of their extensive knowledge and talent, the team has worked on many projects including interactive exhibits, touchscreen displays, multi-touch environments, video walls, digital signage, and interactive kiosks.

INSTALLATION: The 1220 AV team will work hand in hand with the general contractor or client to provide wire diagrams showing locations, specifications and quantities of wire for the space.