With over 20 years of experience, the in-house Artifact Mount Designer and Fabricator develops custom mounts and brackets designed to maximize the display of each artifact.

ARTIFACT MOUNT DESIGN: When creating an artifact mount, we create a design that is catered to the specifications of the curator, and keep the mount as inconspicuous as possible.

CUSTOM FABRICATION: Once designs are approved, the mounts are custom fabricated in house through custom welding, sewing and the carving of foam and Plexiglas.

CASE LAYOUTS: 1220’s Artifact Mount Designer and Fabricator works from images, dimensions and tracings to ensure a proper fit and relevancy to the overall design aesthetic.

ARTIFACT HANDLING AND INSTALLATION: 1220’s Artifact Mount Designer and Fabricator leads the installation of all mounts and artifacts on site, ensuring the maximization of artifact safety and understanding.